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V.O.P. Areas and Late Night Lounges

At weddings, you often see the non-dancing crew start heading-out after the cake-cutting. While by all standards of courtesy this is an acceptable practice, there are some ways to entice your guests to stay at the party even if they are not on the dance floor.

V.O.P. Areas

That’s right, V.O.P., the spot you have reserved for Very Old People. During the more social times of your event such as cocktail hour and dancing, you may have elderly, pregnant, injured, or otherwise disabled guests who want to be involved but are action but are unable to stand for a long period of time. I love the idea of providing fun, flexible seating for these guests. I say V.O.P. in a loving, fun way, but signage in this area is a good idea to ensure your intended guests are able to utilize these seating options. I recommend contacting Knock on Wood Designs or Chisel + Penn for your custom signage needs. Here are some wording options for your signage:

  • Priority Seating for guests with disabilities and seniors

  • Priority Seating for those who have lived and loved longest

  • Priority Seating for those less able to stand

  • Priority Seating ♡

Source your lounge rentals from Bee’s Vintage Party Rentals, The Bohemian Farmhouse, Elite Events or Cardinal Events depending on the style of seating and price range you are looking for.

Social Lounges

It won’t just be your elderly guests who are looking for an alternative to dancing the entire night. Social lounges such as specialty drink stations, cigar bars, a canna bar or late-night food station will give guests an alternative to dancing but a reason to stay and enjoy the party. Look to Unique Design Rentals, Wandering Wagon Bar, The Bohemian Farmhouse, Bee’s Vintage Party Rentals, Lulu Crepe or Buckskin Bar & Shaved Ice to set up a late-night lounge area to please.

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