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Mocktails - More Than a Kiddie Cocktail

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

I will tell you one thing, it is getting HOT in Colorado. More and more weddings are being hosted outdoors and while this trend allows couples to capitalize on the natural beauty of their surroundings, it also means their guests are getting dehydrated more quickly than they would at an indoor affair. Even if you are only hosting your cocktail hour outdoors, you probably want to think about your non-alcoholic drink selection. Typically, guests are already slightly dehydrated by the time they arrive at your cocktail hour or reception as they have just come from your ceremony and were likely traveling prior to that. You can expect that your guests will be ready for refreshments by the time they reach the venue. You may have crafted a signature cocktail, filled troughs with beer, or assigned servers to greet guests with their choice of white or red wine, however, did you think about the non-alcoholic selection? Kids and some adults may gravitate towards the water or soda, but those options won't beckon most of your guests. Creating a signature mocktail (or perhaps even a whole selection) that looks enticing will attract a larger array of guests to consume a more hydrating beverage. Nobody is trying to spoil your guests' fun, simply trying to offer another option to keep your guests hydrated and celebrating all night long.

This strawberry lemonade was served in a glass milk bottle, topped with a fresh strawberry, and enjoyed by means of a decorative, paper straw.

When deciding how to serve your mocktails, consider the drinkware that will be used. Having fun drinkware that varies from what is being used at the bar may draw people in for the novelty alone. If using jelly jars, I suggest ones that narrow out at the top as it will cut down on spillage. Secondhand stores generally sell jelly jars for 25 cents if you want an eclectic look, otherwise I would recommend snagging a 40% off coupon from Michaels and purchasing a couple cases of new ones. Find many other drinkware options on Pinterest or contact your local rental company to see what they have to offer! There are a wide variety of reasons that your guests may be choosing not to partake in the consumption of alcohol, so try to allow them the same diversity in drink options that your other guests have.

Left to Right: Iced Tea, Lemonade, Sparkling Melon Punch, Grapefruit & Rosemary Spritzer

If your goal is to get more people to migrate over to your drink station, make it a focal piece of your cocktail hour, not just an after thought. Use a selection of different beverage dispensers to add variety. Make your drinks pop by taking color into account. Ice is a great way to add interest to your display, consider freezing melon balls or freezing fruit and herbs into your ice-cube trays. The surface your drinks are displayed on will also effect your guests' decision of whether or not to venture over, so if you can find a table that goes with your overall vibe, use it!

Jelly jars with paper straws displayed in the drawers of a 100 year old writing desk covered in a hand crocheted tablecloth and a glass covering.

Keep in mind, this idea can be applied to any outdoor, summer celebration! Did you make a signature mocktail at your last event? I'd love the recipe! Tell us about it in the comments below!

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