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Inspiration Can Come From Anywhere

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

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Choosing your wedding style and color palette is going to be one of the first, most influential decisions you and your fiancé make in your wedding planning process. This decision will influence everything from your wedding stationary to your dinner meal so take your time with it. Don't let yourself feel cornered into choosing "your style" from a prefabricated list. This is your wedding, pull inspiration from as many places as you like and make it work in a way that is authentically you. If you are having trouble nailing down your ideal look, consider seeking out the following sources of inspiration.

Your Favorite Brands

You likely have a few favorite brands, be it for interior design or fashion. Scope the brand’s website and social media to see what colors, patterns, and designs are being put together and feel out what speaks to you. Just as your fashion choice is a reflection of your personality, your wedding should mirror your relationship in the same way. A related activity could be taking a stroll through T.J. Maxx or your favorite home store and notice what colors and design styles stick out to you.

Here is a style board I put together based on a wallpaper I saw on Anthropologie’s website.

Magazines You Identify With

Flip through some of the magazines you currently subscribe to and doggy ear or cut out images that resonate with you. Don’t feel limited to perusing wedding specific magazines or Martha Steward, if you are an avid biker you may just find inspiration from Dirt Rag magazine. You might want to start pasting images together on a poster board or begin a shoe box for cutouts and objects of inspiration. If you don't subscribe to any magazines, stop by Barnes and Noble or any other magazine outlet to flip through some magazines that have topics of interest to you.

Here is a style board I put together inspired by the cover of Dance Spirit Magazine.

Activities or Interests You Both Love

This is all about you and your partner coming together to share your life, right? Is there something that the two of you immediately bonded over and perhaps has become an integral part of your relationship? Communicate this commonality in your wedding decor, not only will it make your wedding day even more personal, the decor will act as a great talking point for mingling guests.

This couple spent much of their quality time together outdoors, they particular loved rock climbing, it seemed only natural to include this shared passion in their wedding day decor.

Literature or Media You’ve Bonded Over

Be it a book, TV series, movie, or video game that holds importance to either one or both of you, perhaps you should allow it to play either a primary or supporting role in your wedding decor. Such media can be an integral part of our personal and relational development, why not invite it to your wedding day, just as you invite the family and friends that have influenced your lives for the better.

At this wedding we had some obvious and some not so obvious Harry Potter references as the series and fantasy in general have played a huge role in the bride’s life.

Season and Location

This one may seem like a no brainer, but just because you are having a fall wedding does not mean that you are required to have a color palette of maroon, orange, and gold. Check in with a favorite florist and ask what flowers will be in season around your wedding date. The particular blooms available at their prime and at their lowest rates may be enough to influence your entire wedding style. Also consider what would potentially detract from rather than enhance the natural beauty of your venue at that time of the year. Ask your venue manager for pictures from a wedding that was held at a similar time the previous season. If you associate a particular food, color, activity, or object with this time of year, play around with how it could influence your wedding style.

Let’s say you are getting married at a rustic location in the fall around harvest time. Try playing with apples and pumpkins as decor options.

Haven't found a source of inspiration that speaks to you? Also be inspired by:

  • Your wedding dress

  • A family heirloom

  • Favorite color

  • Travel destination

  • Heritage

  • Traditions

  • First date

  • Profession

  • Your pet

  • A celebrity wedding

  • A food item

  • Your astrological signs

  • Your vehicle

  • Art galleries

  • The world around you!

Your style options are near to endless! Don't be afraid to mix and match seemingly different decor options. I'm always on the lookout for fresh ideas, if you have a thought that you aren't quite sure how to bring to fruition, let's chat about it and see what ideas we can make a reality for you!

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