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Hey Ladies! They don't call you maids for nothing you know.

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

While bridesmaids have become more of an honorary role in which we recognize a select group of people who have been integral in our lives, there is nothing saying we can’t put these ladies to work for us. I promise you, your bridesmaids (or bridesmen) want to help make your wedding day special. Here are some suggestions on how to utilize your bridesmaids on the day of your wedding to help things run smoothly and further honor these special people.

Keep it Clean

You know those cute getting ready pictures that generally populate the first few pages of your friends’ wedding albums? Well, to maximize the aesthetic, you’re going to need a clean room as your backdrop. It is unavoidable that duffle bags, curling irons, makeup, and champagne glasses will be out and about during the wedding day preparations. Designate one of your more meticulous maids to keep at least one room clean for pictures. Another option would be to have a room or area set aside for personal items and set a time where all personal items need to be removed from the room you would like to have pictures taken in.


Pick a friend who knows how to pick mood setting tunes and have them bring along their bluetooth speaker. Whether you are looking for some calming acoustic music or some pump up jams, music is an amazing tool to moderate our mindset. Chat with your “DJ” ahead of time to give them a bit of direction on what vibe you are going for.

Barista and Bartender

Whether it’s a vanilla lavender oat milk latte (my personal favorite from Pressed in Palisade, CO) or whisky on the rocks, most of us glean a certain amount of comfort when our favorite drink is in hand. If you pick an ambitious bridesmaid for this task they may be willing to set up a whole mimosa or coffee bar. Perhaps someone who is willing to pop down to Starbucks and/or the local liquor store is all you want. In that case you can even submit your order online and have one of your girls run out for the morning coffee run. A quick tip on this, if you are getting ready in a bridal suite check with your venue at least two months in advance to find out what the alcohol restrictions are, you may not be allowed to bring in personal alcohol, in that case find out what you need to do to navigate this obstacle.


Diffusers, yoga, meditation, head massages, a few minutes with a good book, or even adult coloring books are all great tools to help you stay present in each moment. Remember that the entire day today is your wedding day and all of it should be focused on enjoying yourself. You probably already know which bridesmaid you are going to ask to facilitate this. Be sure to let them know if there is anything that definitely won’t fly or if there is anything you would really like to happen. If you are thinking about doing a yoga session or other workout, I recommend starting early. Consider doing sunrise yoga, not only will this be a relaxing start to one of the most memorable days of your life, it will also insure your ladies are up and ready to start prepping, another perk is that this will be a great photo opportunity.


You most likely do not have your wedding photographer booked from dawn till midnight, so ask a photo-savvy bridesmaid to capture the moments before the arrival of your professional photographer. If you have not hired a videographer for the day, I highly recommend setting up a location specific snap story for friends and family to add to throughout your wedding. To make this successful front load the wedding party and other guests you know to be frequent snappers to make sure people are aware of and adding to your story. If you have a bridesmaid who would be all about setting this up for you, even better! They may even be willing to design and purchase some personalized snapchat filters for you!


Please don’t forget to eat. Food too frequently ends up slipping the mind of a nervous bride. You know you should eat. You know you will be happier and less nervous if you eat. You know your usual eating routines. So please, please, please just eat something! Ask a foodie friend to coordinate breakfast and lunch for anyone getting ready at the same location as you. This could mean cooking up an egg scramble, picking up bagels, or arranging for a caterer to come in. Of course, some foods are better than others to eat on the morning of your wedding, but you do you and eat whatever will put your nerves at ease.

Point of Contact / Timekeeper

This is the most important job you will need to delegate. Make sure your Day of Coordinator knows who to call if they need to get ahold of someone to either check in on progress or relay an update. Be sure to review the day’s timeline with this person ahead of time (or ask your wedding planner to do it) so that they know where you are supposed to be when. While this role usually defaults to your maid of honor, if you know one of your other maids is better suited for this role because of a history of keeping you in line, I would task this job to that person.

For those of you still thinking you don’t want to burden your bridesmaids with jobs, I am telling you now, they will be asking what they can do to help on the morning of your wedding. If you don’t want the responsibility for coming up with jobs on the day of you wedding, think of them ahead of time. Check out my other posts for more ideas on how to make your wedding uniquely you, fun, and stress-free!

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