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Groomsmen Gifts

On your wedding day you will be receiving a lot of gifts, keep in mind that there have been many people helping you make your wedding dreams come to life. You may want to thank these special people by presenting them with a small gift. If you read my previous post on Bridesmaids Gifts, you will recognize that many of these gifts fit into my three favorite categories of gifts to give your wedding party: functional, personal, and wedding-specific gifts. Of course, a lot of these ideas may inspire your bridesmaids’ gifts or other VIPs you are looking to give a token of appreciation to. When deciding what to purchase your groomsmen, the number one thing to keep in mind is that you want to give a gift you would be excited about receiving. I’ve given you a few ideas but keep building the list with interests specific to you and your men!

Wireless headphones

Wireless speaker

  • Ultimate Ears Wonderboom: This is my go-to wireless speaker. Whether I am floating the river, gardening, setting up a bridal suite or coordinating a ceremony rehearsal, I know this speaker will survive it all. - $52.40 from Amazon

  • Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker: My new favorite wireless speaker for home use. Bose delivers impeccable sound quality for anything from meditation sounds to today's top hits. - $189.96 from Amazon

  • Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3: I've heard this speaker used at many training sessions as the sound source for any audio content and it has great sound quality and clarity, this speaker surpasses the Wonderboom in terms of volume - $169.99 from Amazon


Reusable water bottle


Nice lighter

Drinking in Style

  • Whiskey Glasses Gift Set - $34.99 from Amazon

  • Custom Pint Glasses: You want to personalize these with their last name, they will not be so inclined to bust out their new glasses at a house party if it is your name on them, remember that these are not favors but gifts. - $11.00 each on Etsy

  • Custom Flask - $23.99 from Etsy

Cigars or Canna Cards

Wedding Day Accessories

  • The Tie Bar - For ties, pocket squares, suspenders, socks, or belts my go-to provider is The Tie Bar. The Tie Bar even offers a huge selection of coordinating styles to meet any color palette. The Tie Bar even partners with some designers of bridesmaids attire to create the perfect match on your wedding day.

  • Tie clips - Customizing tie clips with your groomsmen's initials and something personal on the back would make a great gift. My husband's best friends were known as "The Mob" in highschool so we gifted each of them a tie clip with their initials and "The Mob" engraved on the back.

Hobby Kits

There are so many options for what to gift your groomsmen. While it is nice to stick with a theme, don't feel like you need to get every groomsman the same exact thing. For instance, if one of your groomsmen is a whiskey drinker and another is a beer drinker, there is no reason you couldn't purchase one rocks glasses and one pint glasses. If you are looking for ideas of what to gift your bridesmaids, check out this post!

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