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I am going to make an assumption, you want to be able to enjoy your engagement and wedding day. Some couples feel pressured to take on all the responsibilities that go into planning a wedding themselves. With so many different vendors and unfamiliar variables to manage, you may quickly start feeling overwhelmed and disorganized.


Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, decide to enjoy if from start to finish, whatever that means for you. On my wedding day, I didn't trust anyone else to get it "right." I understand wanting everything to be the way you envision it. I also understand that you deserve to be doing yoga and drinking mimosas pre-ceremony, not hanging lanterns. I make sure I know you and your vision inside and out so that when a snap decision needs to be made, I am able to do so in your stead.


The decision to hire a planner or designer is really that of peace of mind, I am here to bring you that peace of mind, however it looks for you. I love people and I love joy. I want to get to know you and to be a part of making sure your Colorado wedding is everything you dream it can be. I will earn your trust, not just ask for it.

If you like bursts of laughter, quality time with the people and creatures you love, taking advantage of and appreciating the world around us, a cold beer or nice glass of wine, and finding the beauty in everything, we will probably be friends.

You need to feel totally comfortable when hiring an event coordinator because trusting them on the day of your wedding is essential. With me on your team you will be relaxed and confident on your wedding day, effortlessly able to enjoy the day you've looked forward to for so long. This is a day that will be remembered as an affair that was as beautiful as it was authentically personal.


Sending Positivity Your Way,

Allison Foley
Founder & Event Designer

PO Box 125

Palisade, CO

Tel: 860-287-6477


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